-> Concept / Creation, Photography
-> 2013

Humanology is a work in progress. A series of photographic and sound portraits, aiming to bring out the "human" in us all, in a world where we are all supposed to fit into a box or category. It was an opportunity for me to create a real connection, through photography and sound. I wish to develop this project through a network created and generated by the subjects who have already participated, each of them introducing the project to at least one of their friends or family members.
 I hope to create one hundred portraits, all unique and brilliant in their diversity. The portraits will be shown on a dedicated website. I am hoping they will one day be presented  - ideally - in a public place, a place of transit where you will have 5 minutes to stop, listen and meet someone who could be on the other side of the country or right next to you. 
Here are a few portraits, but you can also access the Humanology Vimeo channel by following this link.

“...Us, humans, I think we come back as animals, and animals as plants, and plants as humans. And it keeps on turning.”


“(...) Love is like being on a river that changes constantly (...)”


“We shouldn’t have to fight to be able to get a job or live decently. I mean, if you stop and think for a second, if life is simply about getting a job and struggling to make ends meet... it’s absurd ! (...)”


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