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-> Concept / creation, Photography
-> 2012

For about a year and a half, between 2011 and 2012, I put all my jobs on hold to embark on a new adventure called Un Jour, St-Tropez, a multidisciplinary play that mixed an original text, original songs played live, and video projection. This was the most global project I ever worked on.
I was the creator of the story, the visual artist, I directed actors, writers, set designers, produced the project as well, and it all led to the organization of an event “De mono.. à Kini”, that took place in St-Tropez in October 2012.
To me it was a dream come true, of course, but also the most complete expression of art direction as I controlled every single aspect of the project, from its content to its communication.

Un Jour St-Tropez was born on an August night in 2011, as a result of the confrontation of a modern myth and its crude reality. A new fallen Olympia, the myth surrounding the little fishermen’s village has stayed intact but its contemporary version expresses our disillusionment, our broken lightness.

As he was getting fired, Eddy tied up his head of personnel and ran. Now he feels trapped and decides to flee with his love, Gigi - a Brigitte Bardot look-alike silicone doll, in his beautiful convertible to St-Tropez. Hero of a fallen generation, Eddy is lost in an idealized past. As they approach St -Tropez, in the midst of a dreadful fight, Eddy swerves suddenly, sending the car into a ditch.
Gloria welcomes Eddy in Limbo, where he will relive his adventure, his love story with Gigi, and embark on an introspective journey.
Un jour, St-Tropez (Someday, St-Tropez), or the story of Eddy who will live his dream to the end « tenderly, totally, tragically ».

De Mono...
à ‘Kini

-> Ville de Saint-Tropez
-> Concept / Creation
-> Production
-> 2012

I wanted some of the projections during the play to be amateur films showing the St-Tropez of the 1950’s and 60’s. 
In order to find these images, we decided, in partnership with the city of St-tropez, to organize an event that would put in parallel the St-Tropez of the past, through a call for amateur family films, and the St-Tropez of today. For these films, we would ask the youth living in the area, to give us their vision of their city. We therefore started working with different highschools and youth clubs in the area.
On October 24th, our event took place in the cinema “La Renaissance”, on Place des Lices. We first screened the (silent) amateur Super 8 films with a pianist playing live on the images. We then screened the films shot by the teenagers, a jury was here to give a prize to the best film, the public also gave out a prize to the film they preferred. We then had a debate with a philosopher and an historian on St-Tropez, its history, its myth, its evolution etc.. and finally a concert with Yanowski, the singer / composer / songwriter who created the various songs of Un Jour, St-Tropez, performed them live accompanied on the piano by Laurent Marode. The event was a total success, it was also a very moving evening for the locals, for us, and to this day, it remains one of my best memories. 

I asked a friend of mine, the very talented Agathe Singer to design the illustration we would use for the communication elements which I then designed, from the booklet to the poster, to the credits at the end of the screening. 

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